24 setembro 2013

Usando kits digitais com a Silhouette Cameo


Hoje vamos mostrar um video que preparei mostrando um dos inúmeros usos de kits digitais com a máquina Silhouette Cameo. 
Este é o meu primeiro video tutorial, por isso, me desculpem os erros... Ainda estou me acostumando com procedimentos para gravar diretamente da tela. Como o video está em Português, também acrescentei uma lista em inglês dos passos a seguir.
Veja agora o video:

Aqui está a etiqueta cortada, depois de ser customizada com um kit digital:

Espero que tenham conseguido acompanhar o passo a passo e possam aproveitar ao máximo todas  os seus kits digitais e sua máquina Silhouette.


Today I will show you in this video one of the several uses of digital kits with Silhouette Cameo machine. 
This is my first tutorial video, so forgive me for the mistakes... I'm getting used with the tricks for recording on screen tutorials. As I'm speaking in Portuguese, I will summarize below the steps for doing so.
This is the video:

As it is also the first time I made a video, adding the subtitles in English, if you could not follow everything, here below you can find the  basic steps to understand it.

Basic Steps:

1. Open a new file in the Silhouete Studio.

2. Drag a digital element .

3.  Open the "trace" window,   click on Select Trace Area, select the element. Deselect both High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter and move Threshold  to 100%. The element gets yellow.

4. Click on Trace Outer Edge. Now the element is ready to be cut.

5.  We want to use a digital paper to produce another element, so select it and drag the chosen file over it.

6. If you want to change the proportions of the pattern of this file, open the Fill Pattern window, click on Advanced Options, and move the Scale Pattern to manipulate the size of the pattern as you wish.

7. Repeat the steps 3 and 4 to create another layer we are going to add to our new element. To do so, click on the traced line, open the Offset window, adjust the Offset Distance to the desired distance and make the offset.

8. Now we're going to fill this new shape with one of the colors of the paper. To do so, go to the window Fill Color and with the shape selected,  click on the eye dropper tool and then click on the chosen color from the digital paper.

9. Now we are going to group the 2 shapes. If we cut now, we are going to have two cuts, as we can see if we click on the Cut Style (scissors button). So, in order not to cut the smaller one, click on it, and choose No Cut.

10. Before grouping them again, let's align them. Just select both shapes, select the Align window and press Align Center. Now the shape is ready to be grouped and cut.

11. Select both shapes, go to Object Menu, select Group. Now you can move it as only one object.

12. To cut, select the window Registration Marks,  choose Show Registration Marks. Click on the little printer icon and print it. Now let's cut it!

13. The black marks on the paper are what the Silhouette Cameo will use for guidance to cut in the right place. Place your paper on your cutting mat and feed it into the  machine.

14. Click on Skip printing since you've already done that.  Click on Send to Silhouette. Choose Detect Registration Marks. Choose Detect automatically. Choose the type of your paper. When it's ready and waiting to cut with no error message, click on Cut Page.

Well, that's what I had cut, after customizing and using a digital kit:

I hope you were able to follow, take advantage of your digital kits and Silhouette machine.